The Life and Spirituality of Blessed Theophilus Matulionis

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2017 For the first time in Lithuania, the ceremony of beatification was announced, during which the bishop and martyr Teofilius Matulionis (1873-1962) was appointed heavenly patron and intercessor. In Birštonas, the blessed one has traced its footprint. In 1956-1958 he ruled the Diocese of Kaišiadorys and secretly consecrated his successor, Vincent Sladkevičius, in 1957. December 25th Most Lithuanians knew little until 2017. the life of the blessed man, because his life's path was traversing Latvia, Russia. Also, for many years he was imprisoned in prisons in Russia and Lithuania. For he was a defender of the rights of the faithful and a witness of the faith.

An educational exercise with rich iconographic material will invite the visitor to travel the blessed Theophilus life. Through events and stories, he will introduce the personality of the martyr, the depth of his spirituality.

Duration of education - 1 hour. The cost of the educational activity is 3 Eur, 4 Eur per participant. We can come to your parish or school and meet a larger audience.