Smelling Birštonas City Whale

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The coat of arms of the city of Birštonas was created in 1995 by A. Každailis. The central figure of the coat of arms is a mythical fish, a whale, from which the spring of mineral water springs. 20th century At the beginning of the 19th century, the spring of the mineral water flowing on the Nemunas coast was protected from spring ice by a whale-shaped sculpture. Until the construction of Kaunas HPP in 1959. a small sculpture of a whale with mineral water flowing from its mouth was a tourist attraction for both townspeople and resort guests. However, as the water level of the Nemunas River increased, the sculpture, which became a symbol of the resort, came under water.

The whale was born in the educational activity of the Birštonas Sacred Museum, where visitors are formed from a dough made in the 12th century. St. Hildegarda's recipe makes whale-shaped biscuits baked with thyme tea. There is time and access to the museum’s exhibit. St. Hildegarda called for these cookies to be tasted as often as possible for more joy and good mood.

Pre-registration required by email by e-mail [email protected] or tel. +370 319 65 699. Number of participants up to 25 people. Duration of education - 1 hour. The price of the educational activity is 4-6 Eur per participant.