S. Kneipp: Philosophy and Practice of Health

education / for everyone / for kids

Educational program "Sebastian Kneip: philosophy and practice of health"

• You will get acquainted with the old mineral water springs of Birštonas;
• You will learn about the mineral water springs currently in Birštonas and we will taste their water;
• You will learn about the healing properties of mineral water;
• After getting stronger with minerals, we will climb Vytautas Hill;
• We will look for the hidden "Whale" in Vytautas Park;
• Get acquainted with Sebastian Kneipp's health practice;
• Welcome to Birutė Villa;
• Try wellness treatments at Kneipp Garden;
• Let’s have Kneipp tea.

During the educational program you will be able to:
• make bath bubbles out of salt.

  Price  Duration, hours
For children 1,50 Eur  2
Adults 2 Eur  2