Active Birštonas

orientational games

Most of the time, Birštonas is associated with quiet walks along the coast, fresh pine forest air and the soothing bubbling of pearl baths in sanatoriums. But for energetic adventurers, we want to show a completely different side of Birštonas! By combining active physical activity with mental exercise, solving logical and unexpected creative tasks, you will experience adventure and get to know your teammates even better.

We've made sure that the game is interesting when there's a little bit of surprise, so when you play you'll know one or two stops ahead, and where the whole route will lead - we'll leave the intrigue here. Each task specifies how the next task will be obtained. Throughout the game, you will have a game coordinator who will send you tasks and give you hints if needed. We recommend playing with several teams to create excitement.

The game takes place on foot or by bicycle - the choice is yours. Our team creates different active tasks every year, so you can be sure that you will not have tried this route yet! Are you ready to get to know Birštonas in an interesting and active way?

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