Birštonas mineral water springs

education / for everyone

The program is for grades 1-12. schoolchildren and adults,
price per participant: children (schoolchildren) 3 Eur, adults 4 Eur.
program duration ~ 1 hour
Birštonas mineral springs are known since ancient times. The beginning of the establishment of Birštonas resort was also associated with mineral waters. Stakliškės resort doctor Benediktas Bilinskis, who became interested in Birštonas springs, sent a patient here, who was not helped by Stakliškės healing springs. In Birštonas the patient recovered.

Birštonas spring water is still used for treatment and consumption. The resort has 13 operational mineral water wells. Birštonas operates the oldest mineral water dispensing company in Lithuania. Bottling of natural mineral water was started in 1924.

In the educational program you will:

  • you will get acquainted with the old Birštonas mineral water springs;
  • learn about the mineral water springs currently in Birštonas;
  • hear about mineral water extraction and pouring;
  • learn about the healing properties of mineral water;
  • at the end of the education there will be a tasting of mineral water.