Get to know the hospitable Panūkunė dzūk by electric car

education / for everyone / excursions

Stakliškės Brewery Malt Tower - Museum:
- Excursion to the museum and factory
- authentic history of Lithuanian mead;
- the birth of today's culinary heritage.

Visit to Vytauto Mineral SPA, the lunar library in the most innovative Europe.
This is a unique place, with unusual acoustics and images - looking at the dome-shaped ceiling, you will see impressive drawings by the famous painter, Art Vilnius winner Petras Lincevičius and his team, which take you to the moon.

Visit to the tallest Birštonas observation tower in Lithuania
The tower is 45 meters high and when you climb into it, you will have to climb 300 hundred very comfortable stairs. From the "king" of the observation towers built on the Škėvoniai ridge, you will enjoy the unique loops, high slopes, horns and outcrops of the Nemunas River.

Sightseeing tour "Royal Birstonas resort":
- acquaintance with the history of Royal Birštonas;
- water scanning of the first Birštonas mineral springs;
- Visit to Vytautas Park, climbing to Vytautas mound;
- recovery by S. Kneipp method;
-Visitation of the impressive central city park and mineral water gallery;
-learning how to actively spend time in Birštonas while riding bicycles, sailing pleasure boats, health in spas;

Dzūkija feast:
presentation of the culinary heritage of the local region, choosing "Dzūkiškas vaišes" or "Picnic in Žvėrinčius forest".
Duration - 5 hours.
Price - 29 Eur. (per person), price may vary depending on group size or employment.
Group of at least 10 people.
The services of the accompanying travel guide are not included.