Cross-cutting in Lithuania


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In 2001, the making of traditional Lithuanian crosses was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage of Intangible and Oral Heritage. Lithuanian crosses are folk sacral buildings made up of architectural, decorative, sculptural forms whose purpose and meaning are defined by their contents, motives for their creation and intentions and place of construction.

During the educational activity, you will learn how high-class cross decoration principles differ from Dzūkian, Samogitian and so on.

During the workshop, the visitor is invited to design the decor for his farmyard cross or chapel column. It is time to rethink our Lithuanian identity and relationship with Christianity. Blessed Theophilius Matulionis encouraged the construction of Lithuanian crosses on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Lithuania's independence. Let us celebrate the 100th anniversary of Lithuania's independence, if not in reality, on a piece of paper and in our heart to build a beautifully decorated Lithuanian cross.

Pre-registration required by email by e-mail [email protected] or tel. +370 319 65 699. Number of participants up to 25 people. Duration of education - 1 hour. The cost of the educational activity is 3-4 Eur per participant.