Bends of the Nemunas – Kneipp Garden – observation tower – Summer stage

Briefly about the route
2 h.
9 km
Objects: 10
Road surface

You will start this route in Vytautas Jurgis Bear Park, where you can walk along three main paths: sports, sculptures and the bends of the Nemunas. The latter trail, repeating the famous loops of the Nemunas, is surrounded by the beauty of amazing nature, stretching through the entire Vytautas Jurgis Bear Park. The length of the trail is 2 km, laid out with field stones, so it is easy to notice the winding through the whole park. Also in this park, visit the mineral water evaporation building "Druskupis", where you can enjoy a particularly healthy "sea effect" air.
Travel along the Nemunas embankment, which attracts tourists with peace, coziness and natural beauty. The 2 km quay - probably the most popular place for holidaymakers - was built immediately after the construction of Kaunas Hydroelectric Power Plant in 1959 in order to protect Birštonas from floods threatening to rise when the Nemunas water level rises. For many, it is associated with long romantic walks or nearby cliffs of the Nemunas loop. The poet Justinas Marcinkevičius has said that the most unique natural asset located in these blessed and picturesque places is the Great Nemunas Loops, the beauty of which is not represented by any European river.
The route further leads to those places of interest that must be visited during a visit to Birštonas resort: Kneipp Garden, mineral water bottle, Vytautas Hill, observation tower, Škėvonys outcrop.
The Škėvonis cognitive nature trail is also picturesque. Almost 12 thousand ago. The 1.6 km long Škėvonys Cognitive Nature Trail winds through the Birštonas attraction and the Škėvoniai ridge formed by the Nemunas. The unique Škėvonys ridge - an island on land - stretches for about 3 km, it is home to many interesting plants, some of which are listed in the Lithuanian Red Data Book. Probably the most interesting place in the ridge is a 33 m high and more than half a kilometer long outcrop, which was formed when the water of the Nemunas intensively eroded the slope of the ridge. There is a lookout on the outcrop, which offers views of the Nemunas Valley…
At the end of the route you will return to the Summer Stage, where we can have a picnic in the shade of a branched pine tree, next to the sculptor Martynas Gaubas sculpture "Container".

< 10 min.
240 m
< 1 min.
27 m
< 10 min.
620 m
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580 m
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220 m
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280 m
15 min.
2.1 km
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660 m
20 min.
3.3 km
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700 m

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