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"Water cures everything, water works wonders, prevention is better than cure" is a unique health philosophy that was developed in the 19th century. was created and perfected by the German clergyman Sebastianas Kneipas and is managed in the Birštonas resort.
Wellness according to Sebastian Kneip strengthens the whole organism, strengthens the body and soul, strengthens the immune system. Holistic health improvement according to Sebastian Kneip is based on a system of 5 elements: water therapy, movement therapy, herbal therapy, harmony therapy, healthy diet.
According to Kneipp's recommendations, a Kneipp garden has been installed here, for procedures with cold water for hardening the body and strengthening the immune system.

Body hardening procedures in the Kneipp garden

Hand treatment - KNEIP COFFEE
How to perform the procedure: while inhaling and exhaling, first dip your right, then left hand into the stone bath and hold for 30-40 seconds or until you feel a strong cold. This procedure is recommended to be done in the morning and repeated no more than every two hours.
Benefit: during the procedure, the capillary blood in the hands is frozen, which, after entering the general circulation, activates immune processes.

How to perform the procedure: walking barefoot on paths of various surfaces for 3-30 minutes. It is recommended to start from the green area and go counter-clockwise, and at the end walk on the surface of pine cones. The procedure is recommended to be done in the morning and in the evening.
Benefit: walking barefoot on various surfaces puts pressure on the active points in the feet that directly connect to the organs in the body. The pressure force of the soft surfaces on these points is more even and uniform, so the central nervous system is more activated - it calms and relaxes. The force of pressure of sharper surfaces on these points is different, so the cardiovascular system is more affected, the body is stimulated and activated.

Leg procedure - STORK STEP
How to perform the procedure: in the pool, wading up to the knees, you need to walk alternately, raising your legs high like a stork, from 30-60 s or until you feel a strong cold. It is recommended to perform the procedure in the second half of the day.
Benefit: the change of temperatures and water and air improves, activates the work of the immune system, lymphatic circulation, and venous circulation.

Kneipp tea is recommended after the procedures. You can buy it right next to the Kneipa garden, at the Birštonas tourism information center at B. Sruogos st. 4, Birštonas.

Sorry, the Kneipp Garden is closed during the cold season.

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