Kneipp Garden

mineral water / fountain / audio guide

"Water cures everything; water works wonders; prevention is better than cure" – this is the unique philosophy of health that German priest Sebastian Kneipp came up with and perfected in the 19th century, and which is promoted at the Birštonas resort.
Wellness according to Sebastian Kneipp strengthens one’s entire constitution, hardens the body and the soul, and bolsters the immune system.
Sebastian Kneipp’s holistic concept of improving health is based on five elements: water therapy, exercise therapy, plant therapy, balance therapy and nutrition.
In line with Kneipp’s recommendations, we have a Kneipp Garden for cold water applications to harden the body and strengthen the immune system.

Body hardening procedures in the Kneipp Garden

Procedure for the hands: Kneipp Coffee
How to perform the procedure: while breathing in and out, immerge one hand in the stone bath – first the right, and then the left; hold for 30-40 seconds or until you feel intense cold. It is recommended that this procedure be performed in the morning, and repeated no more than every two hours.
Benefits: during the procedure, the capillary blood in the hands is chilled; when it circulates into the body’s blood flow, it activates the immune system processes.

Procedure for the feet: the Reflexology Path
How to perform the procedure: walk barefoot on paths of various surfaces for 3-30 minutes. It is recommended that you begin from the green area and move counter-clockwise, finishing on the pine cone surface. This procedure is advised to be performed in the morning and the evening.
Benefits: by walking barefoot on various surfaces, the pressure points of the feet are pressed, and this is directly linked with the body’s organs. The pressure of soft surfaces on these points is more uniform and even, thus activating the central nervous system – this has a soothing, relaxing effect. The pressure of sharper surfaces on these points varies, thus affecting the cardiovascular system and stimulating and activating the body.

Procedure for the legs: Stork’s Gait
How to perform the procedure: standing knee-deep in the pool, walk like a stork, raising your legs high, for 30-60 seconds or until you feel intense cold. It is recommended that this procedure be performed in the latter half of the day.
Benefits: the change in temperatures as well as the water and air improve and activate the immune system, the lymphatic system and venous circulation.

Sorry, Kneipp Garden is closed during the cold season.