Branched pine

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The pine, which is very widely spread on the summer stage, on the very edge of Birštonas Central Park, on the bank of the Nemunas, has been green for more than a hundred years - it is the oldest pine in Birštonas Central Park. It is probable that most of the other older pines in the park have germinated from its seeds, which is why the people of Birštonas sometimes call it the mother of pines.

The municipality declared it a protected object, a natural monument of local significance. If the branch could speak, these secrets of her would also be protected. After all, picnics, concerts and other cultural events, various gatherings, gatherings of corporate groups and, of course, romantic dates take place for many years.

The top of this majestic tree is seen by passers-by, and the whole view is open to those walking on the Nemunas embankment. Or ... for those who stand up under a majestic tree and look up at the ornament of branches created by nature against the backdrop of the sky.

Traveling from the pine embankment, towards the city center, just a couple of hundred meters away you will notice a sculpture of one of the most famous young Lithuanian artists - Martynas Gaubas' Container. A bright yellow human head more than two meters high - a self-portrait of a sculptor or, as he says, a three-dimensional selfie. This work is a mockery of personal fashion and the 21st century. problems of narcissism.

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