Škėvonys Escarpment

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Formed at the end of the Glacial Age, this is one of the most valuable geological objects in Northern Europe. This more than 500m-long escarpment steep reaches more than 33 m at its highest point. A walking route 1.6 km long bends above the escarpment.

According to geologists, this place is valuable because of its variety of rocks and geological formations that reveal the processes of landscape formation more than one hundred thousand years ago. This is also a unique place for holidaymakers to enjoy the beauty of the Nemunas River and the panorama of its riverbanks. The escarpment itself can be best seen not from the walking route, but by taking a boat and sailing the Nemunas River or from Giraitiškės rest area located on the opposite shore. The best views are revealed at sunset. At this time of the day, the sun covers different layers of the rocks with rainbow dyes. When you look at the escarpment, the colour of the rocks can help you distinguish bedsores of the last Glacial and Interglacial Ages.  If you take a closer look, you will see the most scientifically valuable layer. There is a so-called crust of weathering that datesback 177-130 hundred thousand years, rising approximately 4 meters above the Nemunas water level. This kind of crust is rarely discovered.  If you are interested in the geological origin of the escarpment, go to the Visitor Centre at Nemunas Loops Regional Park for more information.

If you happen to walk the educational path from Seklytėlė restaurant or from Royal SPA Residence hotel, don't just look into the distance. Look at your feet, too; you will discover plenty of interesting plants, vividly blue gentians in blossom from June till September, which are included in the Red Data Book of Lithuania. We recommend going down from Seklytėlė to the sunny meadow on the Nemunas River shore to enjoy a beautiful view and discover three rare types of twin-spot fritillary butterflies.

The most convenient way to come here is by car; parking is available next to restaurant Seklytėlė or from Royal SPA Residence hotel. The educational path is not a loop, so be prepared for the return trip.

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