In the footsteps of the artist Nikodemas Silvanavičius

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Cultural route "In the footsteps of the artist Nikodemas Silvanavičius". The 80 km long route winds through the territories of Birštonas municipality and Prienai and Alytus districts. The purpose of the route is to present the religious themed paintings of the artist of this region N. Silvanavičius.
Nikodemas Silvanavičius (December 25, 1834–19 May 1919) - painter, academic.
Born in Cincevičius village, Vileika district (Belarus). Studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. He lived in Vilnius for several years. Painted portraits, paintings for churches. 1866 The talent of the artist was highlighted at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, he received the title of Academician Mosaic for the mosaic “Kiss of Judas”, he was the senior mosaic artist of the Academy, and worked at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts.
About 1901 having built a house in Birštonas, he moved to live. In gratitude to the pastor of Nemajūnai Church A. Nonevičius for his concern about the construction of the house, he painted “St. Peter and Paul ”. He painted for St. Birštonas Church “St. Simon Judas ”, Jieznas -“ Michael the Archangel ”and“ St. Carrots
1911 moved to live in Prienai. During the First World War, N. Silvanavičius moved to St. Petersburg.

For visiting places of interest on the route, we recommend inquiring at tel. +370 319 65 740, or e-mail email [email protected] .

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