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The Sacred Museum, located in the building of the former rectory, receives more and more pilgrims and individual visitors every year. Whether it is because of the excellent exposition of art values or because of the sincere attention to each visitor, those who have been here called the visit "a real rest for the soul and refreshment of thoughts". The legendary Lithuanian poet Justinas Marcinkevičius declared that this museum is dedicated to love.

From the outside, the building of the current museum looks like a modest log cabin with ethnographic decorations. However, valuable historical, religious and artistic expositions are well equipped inside.

Since 1956 blessed Archbishop Teofilius Matulionis lived here for two years. Two rooms are dedicated to his memory, where not only the bishop's attributes are exhibited, but also items reminiscent of his sixteen years of imprisonment in Soviet prisons. "Rays of light" was what the unbreakable martyr called his rosary made of bread and his handwritten prayer book. After viewing them, you will be able to make your own rosary out of bread during the educational program while listening to stories about the priest, whom even the prison guards called a real person, and KGB agents predicted that he could be canonized.

The exhibition of colorful wooden sculptures carved by folk artists attracts special attention. Most of them were created in Žemaitija in the 19th century. Art historians see elements of paganism in them, and UNESCO included Lithuanian worship in the list of intangible heritage.

The museum also exhibits works of church painting of extremely high artistic level, ritual vessels from the National Art Museum's funds. Pilgrims stay longer in the hall dedicated to the relics of saints.

Events are held on the second floor of the museum, and art exhibitions are constantly changing.

We recommend that you spend at least an hour visiting the museum. Educational programs dedicated to the theme of martyrdom or gingerbread baking, candle making, folk art must be ordered in advance.

It is convenient to arrive by car, it can be left nearby in the parking lot.

The price of a visitor's ticket is 2 EUR, the price of a visitor's ticket for a visit to the Birštonas Sacred Museum and the Birštonas Museum is 3 EUR.

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