Sharp Mountain


Šaltinėnai mound (Aštrusis Kalnas) is located on the PR edge of the highland cape. The site is oval, elongated in the NE-SE direction, 25x20 m in size. On its NE side there is a 0.5 m high, 9 m wide embankment, the outer slope of which is 2 m high and descends to the site of a 10 m wide ditch; behind it is a 15 m wide, 0.3 m high probably natural mound reminiscent of a covered embankment. The slopes are steep, 12 m high. The location of the mound was forgotten and a mound 50 m to the west without signs of the mound was called the mound. The mound is overgrown with pine trees with a dense undergrowth of bushes.

The mound dates back to the 1st thousand.

People tell ... Archaeologists have not yet researched what the mound was used for, but people are trying to guess according to the findings in the burial mound found in V. Palionis' homestead (Šaltinėnai village). The finding could be linked to the Jotvingians, but archaeologists should say so. The find has not survived and archaeologists cannot inspect it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t photographed and now it’s just left in people’s stories.

Accessed by the Nemajūnai – Vėžionys road in front of Šilėnai, turning right at the beginning of the field (S), driving 1.5 km to an uninhabited homestead (located 100 m to the north of its outbuildings, in the forest, ditching between two hills .

Literature: Milušauskienė Ramutė. 2017. Mounds in the Nemunas Loops Regional Park. Kaunas

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