Hill of Songs

sculptures / audio guide

A roller coaster of songs
(ensemble of wood sculptures, 1998)

Sculptures and their songs. Let's read and listen:
1. Mr. Balsys "Two young fishermen ran away from the village of Rusnė" - 3.5 years old.
2. H. Karaš "Village Musicians" - 3.2 years.
3. S. Lampickas "Song of the Rye" - 3.4 years.
4. A. Sakalauskas "King of Songs" - 3.3 years.
5. T. Stambrauskas "Winter rugeli, who sowed you" - 3.6 years.
6. A. Students "Vaidila su kankleis" - 4.2 years.
7. A. Teresius "The dawn will break, the sun will rise" - 4.6 years.
8. V. Umbrasienė "Old-headed grandmother, how will you raise me" - 3 years old.
9. A. Venslavičius "I got up early in the morning" - 3.5 years.
10. V. Žilinskas "The boat floats" - 3.8 years.

The ensemble of wooden sculptures "Dainų kalnelis" was created by the Baltic Symposium held in 1998. Biršton, during Craftsmen from Latvia, Poland and Lithuania carved works on the themes of folk songs. A song for a Lithuanian - meditation, health, art, Homeland. The works of folk artists shine with pride, peace, respect for work, man, song, freedom, bird, sun.
This hill of songs is interesting in that none of the sculptures created depict the Crucifixion, Mary or any other saint. Here the shepherd blows his pipe, the men sow, thresh, the women bind the stalks of rye. After the works, there are songs and music... People look cheerfully from the sculptures, they gather together to play and sing. In the hands of the musicians are kankles, violin, harmonica, drum - Lithuanian band instruments. In other sculptures, a proud Neptune protects a Nemunas fisherman, the King of Songs looks on, an Angel flies trumpeting the good news.

in 2023 Birštonas resort community, in cooperation with Birštonas tourism information, Nemunas loop regional park visitor center staff and other partners, implemented the project "Health and community of Birštonians" financed by the Ministry of Social Security and Labor of the Republic of Lithuania. During it, songs were recorded, and an audio recording was created for each sculpture, which can be listened to by scanning the QR code printed on the tables installed next to the sculptures. In this way, 10 wooden sculptures not only represent folk songs in their image, but actually "sang". Revived wood sculptures present this space in a new and interesting way. We invite you to have an interesting time here, to conduct education for children, kindergartners, and schoolchildren.

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