2022 is the anniversary of Birštonas

2021/12/13 Culture

The Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania proclaimed 2022 Lithuanian Karaites, Volunteering, Lithuanian Basketball Century, Chronicles of the Lithuanian Catholic Church, Lithuanian Youth, Sūduva, Jonas Mekas, Pranciškus Skorina, Lithuanian Universities, Animal Welfare, Monsignor Kazimieras Vasiliauskas. In the year of the Constitution of the State of Lithuania, Romas Kalanta, Ieva Simonaitytė.
It is 640 years since the first mention of the name of Birštonas in written sources (February 21, 1382). The first Lithuanian book (08 January 1547) is 475 years old, when the catechism of Martynas Mažvydas was published. 
It is 95 years since the Mud Spa was built in Birštonas (1927) and mud treatment was introduced in the resort. The Siponiai Library is 65 years old (founded in 1957).
The Birštonas Museum is 55 years old (founded in 1967), and in 1972 a permanent exhibition reflecting the history of the resort and the city was prepared.
It is 55 years old when the Birštonas branch of the Lithuanian Spa Research Laboratory was established (1967), which was headed by dr. Vytautas Jurgis The Bear.
The Chronicle of the Lithuanian Catholic Church (1972-1989), published and distributed by the people of Birštonas, is 50 years old.
Birštonas Art School turns 45 (Birštonas Music School was founded in 1977)
30 years of the Nemunas Loops Regional Park (founded in 1992).
It is 30 years old for Šiaulių bankas (established in 1992) and 20 years for Šiaulių bankas Birštonas customer service department (started its activities in 2002).

Anniversaries of Birštonas residents and people important to the resort

In January
Teachers, 95 years old for the poet Danuta Zieniūte (January 1, 1927 - October 27, 1974).
Writers who have been in the resort of Birštonas, Ieva Simonaityte, are 125 years old (January 23, 1897 - August 27, 1978).

In April
Antanas Vienuolis, a writer who was in the resort of Birštonas, is 140 years old. (April 7, 1882 - August 17, 1957).

In July
The actor, theatrologist, poet who wrote about Birštonas, the birthplace of his father, Jurgis Blekaitis - 105 years old. (08/1917 08-2007 06 25).
Stanislovas Moravskis, a doctor and writer, is 220 years old (July 22, 1802 - October 6, 1853).

In August
The artist, who was in the resort of Birštonas, who painted for Birštonas Kurhaus, Kazys Šimonis, is 135 years old. (1887 08 25–1978 06 05).

In September
Writer Vytautas Jurgis Bubnys is 90 years old. (09/09/1932 - April 24, 2021).
Botanist, florist, doctor of biomedical sciences Vytautas Galinis - 95 years old (September 17, 1927 - October 30, 1999).

In December
It is 65 years old when Bishop Teofilius Matulionis consecrated Vincentas Sladkevičius (25 December 1957) as bishop in the Birštonas rectory.
Birštonas partisan, poet Vincas Juozaitis - Vyturys - 100 years (December 28, 1922 - January 1, 1988).

Information of Birštonas Public Library