Yellow pump-room

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From afar, the bright mineral water fountain not only decorates the misty park, but also invites you to refresh yourself with mineral water. Just don't forget to bring a cup with you!
In the fourth of the 20th century built bivouette of representative architecture (from the French language - a house above a spring) reminds us that the mineral water springs are the most valuable in this resort. Already in the 19th century at the end, the springs in Biršton began to be covered with various canopies.
Withstanding the Second World War and the ups and downs of the resort during the changing eras, this bivouette remains one of the symbols of Birštonas and one of the most popular places to take photos.
Take your time when tasting the water. Almost a century ago, Lithuanian President Antanas Smetona, sculptor Juozas Zikaras and writer, priest Juozas Tumas–Vaižgantas, who named the water the salty tears of Mount Vytautas, and many other luminaries of the first Republic of Lithuania felt the same taste almost a century ago. How?
Nearby, on the banks of the Nemunas, a spring of mineral water gushed, which J. Tumas-Vaižgantas baptized with the name Vytautas in honor of the Grand Duke. in 1928 a cement sculpture of a whale was erected, and spring water began to gush from its mouth. Around 1960 after the construction of the hydroelectric power plant in Kaunas, the spring with the whole whale ended up under water, but, according to specialists, the "Vytauto" mineral water of a very similar composition and taste from the well refreshes and heals those who visited the Geltonojon biuvetė.
in 1949 the surface springs in the Druskupis valley were destroyed, since then, due to health safety, mineral water for treatment and drinking is extracted only from deep wells.

The yellow bivouac is open during the warm season.
Bivette water is recommended to be consumed within 1 hour of pouring.


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