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Visitors to Vytautas Park leave this place full of determination to live a healthier life, keep calm and be happier. A walk in Kneipp Garden will give you much more energy than a cup of coffee, and a look at the highest lime-trees in Lithuania will remind you of going for a walk with a head up more often. 

The most visited part of the park is Kneipp Garden. According to the former Pope's doctor, priest's Sebastian Kneipp philosophy, the massage passages are meant for walking barefoot and then refreshing your feet in a pool filled with warm water. People say that after these procedures they feel an immediate abundance of energy that remains throughout the day. We recommend visiting this place in the late afternoon when tourist traffic decreases.

You can taste natural mineral water at the yellow well-room, which is visible from a distance. Birutės Villa has a mineral water evaporation system. The entrance to the Villa is free of charge. You can enter and relax, breathe saline "sea" air and have a cup of herbal tea. It is particularly recommended for those who suffer from respiratory illnesses.

The old territory of Vytautas park is located closer to Vytautas Hill. The park’s history began in 1874. You get the impression that the arrangement of the tree alleys and trails has no order. But in reality, the alleys and trails were planned in such a way that each of them could lead to any building in the park. Unfortunately, neither fountains flower gardens and other decorations made by their founder, Jiezno landowner, Ignacijus Kvinta, have survived. But this is the place to findquietness and think about something beautiful. The park alleys are named after Birutė, Meilė (Love), Svajonė (Dream), Eglė (Fir) or Liepa (Lime-tree). According to experts, lime-trees growing here are very unique: most of the trees branch into three and even four trunks and their smell is much stronger than common lime-trees. There is a monument of Grand Vytautas on the cost of the Nemunas River.

We recommend climbing Vytautas Hill located nearby to enjoy a panoramic view over the Nemunas river bends, and visit Kurhauzas, the oldest restaurant in Lithuania, on your way out of town.

The most convenient way to reach the park is by car or by bus. You can also take a ship from Kaunas Reservoir landing stage in the warm season.

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