Priest's source

mineral water

A fast spring springs in the Salt Forest, by the road, within the city of Birštonas, on Turistų Street, and immediately pours its water into the Nemunas on the left bank.
According to V. Armonas, the forester of the nearby Ūlaužas forest district, this spring used to be on the slope of a priest's meadow, and when the Nemunas spread, it found itself in the panemunė itself. The locals also have certain traditions - during Jonines, men go to the spring and bring living water for exactly 24 hours. Many are also interested in the composition of water. Examination has shown that the spring water is very clean and pure, suitable for drinking. Also, it is said to be miraculous when someone has managed to cure eye or other diseases. It is probably important to believe something - then it happens ...
Roma Zajančkauskienė, who was the director of the Birštonas Museum in 2011, said that the old women from Birštonas said that in ancient times women went to wash at this spring and in winter, because it did not freeze. After examining the water at the Mineral Water Plant, it turned out that it is really good, and its chemical composition resembles Birštonas "Akvilė". Local historian Teresė Murauskaitė has collected historical data that many priests who lived in the villa of dentist Ignas Šablauskas rested in Birštonas during the interwar period. There, however, the well water was not suitable for drinking because it had mineral additives. Then some of the priests sailed and swam across the spring water. Thus, it has since been called the Source of the Priest. Who there knows how it really was, every narrator has their own truth.

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