Natural Mineral Waters

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Natural Mineral waters of Birštonas

The first known record of the name of Birštonas dates back to 1382. The spies of the Teutonic Order informed the Grand Master that they had found "a homestead by the salty water" close to the Nemunas. This homestead, blessed with water which allegedly had positive health effects, attracted people long before the Birštonas resort was established.

Bottling of the natural mineral water "Vytautas", the first and oldest Lithuanian mineral water, started back in 1924. This mineral water is very rich in minerals useful for our body and therefore has a strong positive effect on our health. Its total mineralization level reaches 7.3 g/l.

The name of the natural mineral water "Birutė" has been known since 1922. For many years it has been a symbol of youth, buoyancy and purity. Despite the rather high concentration of water soluble minerals (the mineralization is 2.7 g/l), it tastes quite light and soft. Information

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