Mineral water "Versme"

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Natural, real, unsaturated carbonated (non-carbonated) mineral water "Versme" can be tasted for free at the sanatorium "Versmė".

Ingredients: sodium-calcium chloride water. Total mineralization: 3.5-5.5 g / dm3.

In fact, the locals do not call this biuvet. It is "Versm" because it flows from the 270 m deep "Verser's" well.
Gray brick building, richly decorated with marble, brass décor and window glass with stained glass, built in 1975. together with the entire sanatorium complex "Versmė". Next to Versminės is one of the most famous fountains of Birštonas with the sculpture "Versmė". Soviet architects had a vision that this part of the city - the complex of the sanatorium "Versmė" and the surrounding residential houses - would become the new center. The idea has been partly realized - public chamber events are still taking place near the fountain.
Verser's water helps treat various digestive diseases, such as a glass of warm water, drinking between meals, helping patients suffering from excessive gastric acidity, and cool water to help patients with chronic gastritis if they drink 10-15 minutes. before a meal and if the human stomach secretion is normal. It is best if your doctor advises you on how to use this mineral water.
Note that the water is natural, without preservatives, so it should be taken within 5-15 minutes, it is not suitable for later use. After 30-60 min. it becomes cloudy, changes color and is not suitable for consumption!