Gintaras Mineral Water

mineral water

Gintaras mineral water helps in cases of chronic gastritis, low gastric acidity, gastric and duodenal ulcer (remission), chronic inflammatory bowel disease, chronic constipation, chronic gallbladder and bile duct inflammation, some of the ureteral disorders, kidney stones (during the postoperative period), metabolic disorders and diabetes (benign form).

Therapeutic effects of mineral water
Regulates gastric acid production, increases metabolism, reduces smooth muscle tone and has secretion-inducing and anti-inflammatory effects, among other benefits.

Mineral water consumption guidelines
We recommended drinking from 100 to 250 ml of mineral water at a time.

Note: Gintaras mineral water is natural and does not contain any preservatives, therefore, you should drink it within 5–15 minutes. Later on, it becomes turbid, changes color and is no longer suitable for drinking! Please consult your physician for personal recommendations on mineral water consumption.