Babroniai mound


The mound is located on the left banks of Verknė and Narupė, on a hill at their confluence. The site is trapezoidal, oriented in the W – V direction, 50 m long and 74 m wide on the W side and 17 m wide on the V side. On the V side, the site is anchored by 3 ramparts and ditches. At the edge of the site, a 0.2 m high, 6 m wide embankment was dug, behind which a 5 m wide, 0.3 m deep ditch was dug. Behind this ditch, a second 0.3 m high, 6 m wide embankment was poured, the outer slope of which is 1 m high and descends into a second ditch 4 m wide and 0.2 m deep. A third 0.3 m high, 5 m wide embankment was dug behind this ditch and a third 12 m wide, 1 m deep ditch was dug. Further to the V from the defensive fortifications extends the dorsal back with a 25x10 m probably natural triangular square. On the slope, 4 m below the site, there is a natural terrace up to 10 m wide, descending to the north over 1.5 m.

The mound is surrounded by plows, the north-western slope is washed by Narupė, and by the north-eastern foot - Verknė. Overgrown with deciduous trees, separate spruces and shrubs, part of which is cut off from the site.

The mound dates back to the 1st thousand. pr. Kr. end - I thous.

It can be reached from Prienai-Trakai highway (A16) by turning left (N) towards Babroniai, turning right (R), after 300 m (it is on the left (N) after approaching Narupe).