Žvėrinčius Forest Trail

Briefly about the route
40 min.
12 km
Objects: 2
Road surface

The length of the route is 15 km. The pavement of Žvėrinčius trail is asphalt. The forest of Žvėrinčius (Žvėrynas) stands in Prienai-Birštonas Nemunas loop, preserving the old name, reminiscent of royal hunting. 1968 In the forest of Žvėrinčius, at the initiative of the then forester Arvydas Vilkaitis, a health trail was set up. converted into a bicycle and pedestrian path. It features resting areas and fireplaces, wooden sculptures. One hundred years ago, the oak of Žvėrinčius was one of the biggest tourist attractions. According to the legend, the Grand Duke of Lithuania Vytautas rested after him in the hunt. However, in 2005, During the hurricane "Ervin", an old man of 1.8 m in diameter and 15 m height rested on a forest moss for rest and is resting there until today. Travelers can see an unusual looking collar-shaped pine beside the fallen oak of Vytautas. In the forest of Žvėrinčius you can also see the kingdom of wildlife, which is led by viscous and winding forest paths. Undressed, these trails will be able to observe migratory birds living on the islands of the Nemunas and temporarily staying there: small and river terns, ducks, creeks, and terns.

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