Birstonas resort - Birstonas observation tower

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Birstonas Observation Tower is the tallest observation tower in Lithuania. The tower was built on the ridge of Škėvonys, so after rising 45 m. to the tower observation deck, visitors actually find themselves as much as 137 m. above sea level. Until now, the landscape of the Nemunas loops was visible only when ascending by hot air balloon, paraglider or in photos, and now it will be possible to admire it after climbing 300 steps of the tower.

The height of the whole tower is 51 meters. Ascending the tower, there were six rest areas, as it would be difficult to overcome such a height without rest. The solid metal structure of the tower is decorated with larch panels, and the triangular windows are like patterns used in wood carving. The tower - a square planar wall with an openwork roof continues the tradition of Lithuanian defensive architecture, reminds of the shape of the old wooden castle towers and is related to the later architecture of church bells.

The location of the tower was chosen back in 1997, when the Government of the Republic of Lithuania approved the planning scheme of the Nemunas Loops Regional Park - the main document establishing measures for the protection and management of this unique territory. Even then, it was dreamed of an observation tower where one would be able to understand the beauty and uniqueness of the landscape of this place.

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