From now on, "Dainų kalnelis" sings

2024/01/03 Culture

A gift from the community of Birštonas resort - using modern technologies, the ensemble of sculptures "Dainų kalnelis" was "spoken".

10 sculptures of the ensemble are created based on the motifs of the songs. During the project, the program of songs was prepared and recorded by the folklore ensemble "Raskila" of the Birštonas Cultural Center. An audio recording has been created for each sculpture, which can be listened to by scanning the QR code. The codes are printed on metal plates that will be installed next to the sculptures. In this way, 10 wooden sculptures not only represent folk songs in their image, but actually "sang". Revived wood sculptures present this space in a new and interesting way. Here it will be possible to conduct education for kindergarteners, schoolchildren, and have an interesting time.
During the Biršton resort community's implementation of the project "Health and Community of Birštonians" financed by the Ministry of Social Security and Labor, in cooperation with the Directorate of Dzūkija-Suvalkija Protected Areas, the Nemunas Loop Regional Park Visitor Center and the Biršton TIC, the sculpture ensemble "Hill of Songs" was "spoken" using modern technologies. ".

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