Famous people

The picturesque surroundings of Birštonas have long been loved by famous personalities. Their works decorate and make famous the Nemunas loop region.

Stanislovas Moravskis (1802–1853) is a humanist, writer, doctor of medical sciences, who grew up and spent the last 14 years of his life in the estate of Jundeliškii, also known as Ustronie. The writer who liked the life of a recluse planted a wonderful garden, he was the first to bring dahlias to Lithuania and started growing them. The main texts of S. Moravski were created in Ustrone - the memoirs "A few years of my youth in Vilnius", "Peterburge", "Brothers nobles", the travelogue "From Merkina to Kaunas" as well as dramas and political writings. The writer is buried in the Nemajūnai cemetery, in the chapel that was built in St. at the expense of Moravski.

Nikodemas Silvanavičiaus (1834–1919) – academician, mosaicist, painter, photographer, spent many years in Biršton and its surroundings. The churches of this region are proud of their expressive paintings, and St. Isaac's and Resurrection Cathedrals in St. Petersburg are decorated with extremely valuable mosaics by the academician. The Lithuanian Art Museum in Vilnius exhibits the artist's domestic genre paintings and portraits. The complex life of academician Nikodemos Silvanavičius is recounted in the Birštonas Museum.

Elijošius Nonevičius–Nonys (1863–1931) is one of the first veterinary doctors (anatomists) and professors in Lithuania. He was twice awarded a gold medal for his scientific work in Russia. At the end of his life, the doctor who lived in Nemajūnai maintained his homestead in an exemplary manner, raised carp in the pond, conducted research on fish breeding, and wrote scientific papers. He was awarded a gold medal at an agricultural exhibition for his collection of fishing gear and fish processing tools. However, he did not give up his veterinary practice either. He treated the animals of poor peasants without pay, which is why he was considered a freak and called the "pig doctor".

Jonas Kazlauskas (1930–1970) - linguist, professor, was born and grew up in Matiešioni, near Birštonas, worked at Vilnius University, but his productive activities were interrupted by a mysterious death, which, it is believed, was caused by KGB employees. The famous linguist's birthplace is decorated with hand-crafted roof pillars marking the most important dates in the professor's life.

Balys Sruoga (1896–1947) - writer. While receiving treatment in Biršton, after the Stutthof concentration camp, he wrote perhaps his most famous work - the book of his experiences "Forest of the Gods".

Vytautas Jurgis Meška (1930–2015) is a Lithuanian spa doctor and physiotherapist, rehabilitation specialist, doctor of biomedical sciences. in 1956 graduated from Vilnius University. in 1963 defended his doctoral thesis on the topic "The influence of spa treatment on the physical thermoregulation, functional state of the adrenal cortex, and capillary permeability of patients with joint diseases." 1957-1958 worked at Birštonas sanatorium no. 2 men doctor, 1958-1968 Head of "Tulpė" sanatorium in Biršton. deputy physician, 1964-1968 – Research worker at the Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine in Vilnius. 1968-1990 was the head of the Kurortology laboratory in Vilnius, actively participated in the activities of the branch of this laboratory in Biršton, 1978-1992. - Chairman of the Scientific Society of Lithuanian Physiotherapists and Spa Specialists, 1990-1992. Chairman of the Birštonas City Council, 1990-2005. collaborated in the Canadian Lithuanian weekly "Tēviškės žiburiai". During his work, he studied the mechanisms of action of spa factors, spa psychology. Created an electronic device for measuring pain and emotional tension, methods of differential diagnosis of inflammatory and joint diseases. Presented many rationalization proposals and inventions on the topic of spa treatment, wrote scientific articles.
in 2010 Honorary citizen of Birštonas municipality.
The municipality of Birštonas honored one of the most famous Lithuanian spa experts, Dr. Vytautas Jurgis Meškas on the occasion of his 90th birthday. Municipal councils in 2020 November 20 by decision, the central city park was given the name of Vytautas Jurgis Meška Park and Dr. Award named after Vytautas Jurgis Meškas for persons who excelled in the field of resort science.