Famous people

Many famous personalities lived and created in the picturesque surroundings of Birštonas. Their works embellish and glorify the region of the Nemunas Loops.

Stanislovas Moravskis (1802-1853) - a  humanist, writer, and doctor of medical sciences, grew up and spent the last 14 years of his life in Jundeliškės Manor, a.k.a. Ustronės Manor. When the writer began a solitary life, he laid out a beautiful garden. He was the first person who brought dahlias to Lithuania to cultivate. The main writings of Stanislovas Moravskis were created in Ustronė, i. e., "Several Years of My Youth in Vilnius", "In Petersburg", "Brothers Noblemen", travel essays "From Merkinė to Kaunas" as well as dramatic and political writings. The writer is buried in the Nemajūnai graveyard chapel, built at the expense of St. Moravskis.

Nikodemas Silvanavičius (1834-1919) - an academician, mosaic-maker, painter, and photographer, spent many years in and around Birštonas. The churches of this region are proud of their expressive paintings, whereas Isakijevskij and Ressurection Sobors in Saint Petersburg are decorated with extremely valuable mosaics of his. Lithuanian Art Museum in Vilnius exhibits artist’s paintings and portraits of domestic genre. Accounts of Silvanavičius’s complicated life are given at Birštonas Museum. 

Elijošius Nonevičius-Nonys (1863-1931) - one of the first doctors (anatomists) and professors of veterinary science in Lithuania. He was twice awarded with golden medal for the scientific works in Russia. The end of his life the doctor spent in Nemajūnai where he diligently took care of his garden, bred carps in the pond, carried out pisciculture studies and wrote scientific works. He was awarded with golden medal for the collection of fishery tools and fish processing devices in the exhibition of agriculture. However he did not abandon the veterinarian practice as well. He treated villagers’ livestock free of charge, so he was considered to be a codger and was called "the hog doctor".

Jonas Kazlauskas (1930-1970) - a linguist and professor, was born and raised near Birštonas, in Matiešionys, and worked at Vilnius University. However, his productive activity was cut short when, supposedly, the KGB secretly killed him. The birthplace of the famous linguist is decorated with roof columns made by folk masters marking the main dates of the professor’s life.

Balys Sruoga (1896-1947) - a writer. While receiving treatment in Birštonas after release from the Stutthof concentration camp he wrote perhaps his best work - his experiences in the, "The Forest of Gods."