What does the garden of my heart smell like?

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Event date
2024-03-09 18:45 To 21:15


On the occasion of Women's Day, on March 9 at 6:45 p.m., day spa "Brožio sodas" invites you to an exclusive and playful scent and self-discovery game "How does the garden of my heart smell".
It is a performance of scents and self-awareness with a drop of delicious psychology. Through it, in a warm and cozy conversation, you will explore your inner qualities that enable you to be the architects, nurturers and owners of your life's garden. The garden is a metaphor for the corner of a woman's heart, where a secret life that only a woman can perceive takes place.
You yourself will become the inhabitants of this wonderful garden, you will observe what plants (our emotions, feelings, thoughts and assumed roles) are blooming here at the moment, you will smell what scent they emit and you will listen to what these scents tell us, reveal, advise, invite to experience. .
On the tour of the garden, the participants will be accompanied by three mysterious guides: the resourceful, innovative Muse who models our worldview, the Žiniuonė who knows all the laws and secrets of being, and the Queen who uses our inner wealth wisely, cleverly, playfully and with appetite. Where do you think you've met all three? We are sure... that you will remember it and want to get to know them even more closely at this event.
During the meeting, we will use various means of intermodal expressive arts therapy: movement, stories, role-playing, drawing, metaphorical cards, sound, smell...
LINA JURĖNIENĖ invites you to this adventure - a psychologist and translator who provides individual counseling and leads groups, who has translated several self-development books from English, including Debra Moffitt's work about the inner world of a woman "The Garden of Happiness" and Gary Chapman's "Love in Marriage" and JŪRATĖ KLIM (Vyžintienė) is a psychologist in the direction of the Swiss psychiatrist and pioneer of analytical psychology, KG Jung, who combines narrative, scent and art therapies in her work, works with metaphorical associative cards, costumes, wardrobe and style.
Pre-registration is required.