The Being Debate Festival

Event date
2022-09-02 To 2022-09-03


Debate Festival is back! The festival, which is taking place for the fourth time, invites you to meet again in Biršton on September 2-3.
The meeting of public citizens, representatives of business, science, art, culture and non-governmental organizations, which attracts thousands of participants from all over Lithuania, invites all people who are interested in topical discussions to come to Birštonas this year.
The coronavirus pandemic has taken a break, but we're still back with new ideas and discussions. One of the main discussions of the festival "Yes!" seeks to show that important decisions cannot be separated from the diversity of opinions and the inclusion of different public opinions.
The patrons of the festival are the British Council, Swedbank and Telia, and the city of the event is Birštona. Visų idejos, a public institution open to all and open to free discussions, is initiated by the state institution Visų idejdos.
The festival exactly! is one of the 9 members of the family of democracy festivals in the Nordic and Baltic countries and the founders of the International Association of Democracy Festivals.
More information and the program of the "Būtent!" festival can be found on the website