Spruce and Samba Me I Brazilian Heat

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Event date
2024-05-17 19:00 To 20:00


Will perform:
Eglė Petrošiūtė – vocal,
Djâmen Farias – guitar, vocals,
Matheus Nicolaiewsky – double bass,
Fernando Paiva - cloudy.

"Samba Me" is a traveling world/soul music group, originating from the traditions of Brazilian music. The mastery of four dedicated improvising musicians, their playing, melodious heart-warming songs and hot rhythms - Maracatú, Samba, Ijexá, Choro, Jongo, Baião, Candomblé, etc. – engages the audience in an act of authentic musical expression. Their concerts are always dynamic - from calm warming bossa nova to wild drum show moments, when not only the musicians, but also the audience can free themselves from the shackles of "normality" and completely relax and open up their imagination.

Eglė Petrošiūtė is a vocalist, composer, lyricist and producer who met her Brazilian colleagues during her music studies in the Netherlands. The assuredly rising charismatic Eglė, represented by the record publishing company ZenneZ Records, recently released her solo album "Bird's Notes" in the Netherlands, and has long earned a place on the Dutch and international jazz and Brazilian music scene as a creative, slightly crazy improviser endowed with a warm, distinctive timbre.

Fernando Paiva is not only an instrumentalist, but also a showman, songwriter, improviser, expert in rhythms from all regions of Brazil. He not only starts the group with drums, communicates with the audience, but also does solo shows, during which he surprises with vocal percussion. Fernando is an experienced and extremely creative wolf who has played with such greats as Joe Zawinul Syndicate, Lionel Ritchie, Joe Anderson, Raul de Souza, Hermeto Paschoal, Alegre Correa, Vienna Art Orchestra and others.

Djâmen Farias is a young composer, songwriter, guitarist and vocalist who already has one Latin Grammy Award. He unites all the members of the band with a guitar harmony and his velvety voice perfectly supports Egle.

Matheus Nicolaiewsky is a virtuoso bassist who, together with Fernando, ensures that the samba charge will not leave anyone indifferent. Extremely flexible, able to play both "percussively" and lyrically, and make the audience dance and cry. His past includes dozens of albums with American, Dutch, Brazilian, Belgian, French, Spanish, Italian jazz greats such as Peter Bernstein, Vincent Herring, Stochelo Rosenberg and many others.