Presentation of the bibliotherapy book "Dziaugsmynas" by Laura Sintijas Černauskaitė

free of charge
Event date
2023-02-28 17:00 To 18:00


Writer, playwright Laura Sintijas Černiauskaitė's collection "Dziaugsmynas" was born from reflections on everyday life, searches for the meaning of existence, openness and stubbornness to be happy no matter what happens: "Our five-year-old brought the word "Dziaugsmynas" from a dream this morning. / He said before opening his eyes, glowing with the kind of happiness that is usual for him, with which you rush to be infected by him and not lose it during the day, believing that everything else is just trifles, dim dots of the day's worries; you learn to walk them as if you were living in the world "without living in it".

The essays, according to the writer, come from the words I am, I am, and were written in the years 2014-2021, in which experiences, visions, and reflections are shared while being in everyday life, facing surprises and strangeness, crises of motherhood, twists and turns of family relationships, opening up while cooking soup, praying, running away from existential anxiety, looking for joy under the dust of trifles. Finding and maintaining positivity is an important dotted line in life. Do we manage to enjoy the day that has arrived, like this, from the country, simple, dull, gray? Are we always able to notice the grains of joy, collect them from the depths of being, see the meaning of life? Probably not always. LS Černiauskaitė shares her experience and spreads warm, bright waves of kindness.

We kindly invite you to hang out together, to think, to search - we too will discover our JOY in the rotating circle of daily time.