Movie "Hearts"

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2023-11-08 19:00 To 20:30


The story takes place in Lithuania in the last decade of the last century, far from the hustle and bustle of the city in a sanatorium located in a picturesque natural refuge. Only the residents of this institution are not some old people, but teenagers waiting for a miracle. They have heart disease. Some are desperately waiting for donors…
Saulius (actor M. Ivanauskas), a good runner, who unexpectedly collapsed in the middle of the distance, enters this sanatorium. As befits a teenager, Saulius is prickly and disheveled, unwilling to understand why he ended up in such a place and unwilling to make friends with those around him from the very first days. At first, not only the director of the sanatorium (actor L. Laucevičius), but also the children's teacher Andrius (actor R. Kazlas) cannot find a common language with the newcomer. But patience can move mountains...
Already on the very first day, Milda (actor Roberta Sirgedaitė), an old lady of the sanatorium, who is waiting for a donor heart, catches Saul's eye. Although everyone assures Sauli that the girl is not for him, the boy is not going to give up. A normal teenage crush gradually develops into a real first love. A love that defies all obstacles, that is not afraid of prohibitions, that does not hear the voice of reason, that is impossible to resist, that is dangerous, that lasts a lifetime and is stronger than even death.
A warm, sincere film, which Lithuanian viewers have been waiting for a long time. About the time before the internet, mobile phones, Facebook or Instagram. When feelings were purer, when we raised our eyes to the sky more often, when another person became more important than everything in the world, when hearts were real and knew how to beat in one rhythm...
"I don't want to be alive, I want to live..." These words spoken by Milda, the protagonist of the film, probably most accurately reflect the essence of the story.
Location: Cinema Hall (Building A).