Merūnas "Untouched Music"

The cost of the event
25.00 - 29.90
Event date
2023-12-23 19:00 To 21:00


Merūnas "Nepaliesta muzika" new album presentation concert - a tour of fifteen performances across Lithuania, December 10-31.
Fans are in for quite a surprise - most of the album's songs are composed by Merūnas himself. This is the first time in a career spanning more than twenty years that one of the country's best tenors has publicly presented original songs. They will surprise many with their dynamism.
"I wanted to have as little sadness as possible in my music. As they say, not to shed a tear, but to lift your feet. I'm looking for a more modern sound," he admits. He will be accompanied by a music group at the presentation concert of the new album "Nepaliesta muzika".
"From the beginning of my career, I got used to just performing songs. Maybe that's why it wasn't easy to return to the creative process for many years", admits Merūnas.
He says that when he was still studying at the Juozas Gruodis Conservatory in Kaunas, he formed a music group with like-minded friends and wrote songs. But later, after winning the reality show "Road to the Stars" and starting a successful solo career, a number of composers appeared who simply enjoyed the opportunity to compose specifically for Merūn and his incredibly beautiful timbre voice.
Merūnas' unique and wide-ranging vocals have evolved and over the years have become somewhat too complex for creators. "I started singing opera successfully. That's when the doubts started, what kind of music is best for me to create, to suit the whole range", said Merūnas.
That's when he decided that he knows his voice best, and he has accumulated a lot of feelings over the years that could be expressed in songs. Merūnas returned to his roots - author's work.
"Untouched music" was born in more than a year. The singer says that he is very excited to publicize his work and the concert for the presentation of the new album is like the fulfillment of a long cherished dream.
Merūnas said that he wrote the original songs of the new album "Nepaliesta muzika" in solitude, separated from his family and the whole world. "I need peace, to go deeper into myself. I noticed that the best time for creativity is from nine o'clock in the evening, when the whole nature prepares for sleep, the environment calms down, freezes. Then I hear my thoughts," says the singer.
Merūnas revealed that he dedicated one of the album's songs to his mother, whom he lost when he was very young. "This topic is very sensitive in my heart. The strangest thing is that the song was born with an energetic, I would even say jumpy sound. It was unexpected for me, but that's exactly how I felt it," he says.
The first song he decided to present to the audience is called "Mylėk širdim" and an impressive video clip was shot for it. "I'm excited to present the songs like never before, maybe that's part of being a creator," he smiles.