Kristina Čivilytė's personal painting exhibition "Living amulets"

free of charge
Event date
2024-03-01 To 2024-03-03


in 2024 February 17 - March 15 Kristina Čivilytė's exhibition "Alive. Amulets".

The first part of the exhibition "Gyvastis" presents a collection of paintings, using a special technology, using wax on canvas, natural materials. Through art, I connect past and present, roots and civilization, sun and music, rhythms of trees and the life of human society. Rhythms, dynamics, repetitions, cycles, constant movement are important. Thoughts arise about systems, connections, the impact of nature on human well-being and imagination. After all, even in the modern world, some systems influence others and are connected. There are no strict boundaries between animals and plants, living and non-living nature. Man is only a part of the biocentric system, but not the ruler. It is ecological thinking, the center of which is life in general. The circle of life, rhythms emerging from darkness into light. Our environment is made up of particles. This is especially important in today's worldview, when we are looking for something permanent and eternal.

In the next hall is the second part of the exhibition - "Amulets".

Amulet (Latin amuletum - that which is worn on the body) is a small object kept on the body, supposedly having magical power, which can protect against misfortunes or other evil.

In the exhibition, I raise existential questions: what is reality, what is the world we live in, are we just marionettes in the theater of life, or do we create reality ourselves, or is it a network of parallel realities, different realities that exist? Through metaphorical symbols of ancient amulets, images of the forest, I am looking for an answer: what is real? Old symbols, archetypes, primary elements, natural materials emerge in the paintings - this is a return to the roots, which can help find a way to living reality. The return to natural nature is the point of reference, separating reality from the illusory world. Although sometimes the quests resemble wandering in the forest. The mysteriously emanating light in the paintings emphasizes the conditionality of reality. Or maybe reality itself is like a dream, also a dream of our imagination? Through art, looking at the works in this exhibition, I provoke you to think: what is behind the visible reality?...

Kristina Čivilytė (b. 1977, Kaunas) is a painter. in 2021 received a master's degree in painting from the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Since 2013 participates in exhibition activities, art plein airs, organized over 26 personal exhibitions and participated in over 35 joint exhibitions. in 2018 participated in the international artist symposium in Pilani, India in November 2019. - at the joint exhibition in Athens, Greece, 2022. in September - at the international watercolor biennial "Baltic Bridges". From 2021 Member of the LDS painting section.

Paintings can be purchased, ask by e-mail. by mail [email protected],