International "Spring of Poetry 2024" in Biršton

free of charge
Event date
2024-05-25 20:00 To 22:00


Poets will read poetry: Aušra Kaziliūnaitė, Alina Borzenkaitė, Aistis Žekevičius, Erika Drungytė, Maria Luize Melke (Latvia), Nagae Yūki (Japan); actor, singer Giedrius Arbačiauskas will participate. The evening will be charismatic, full of poetry of various styles, themes and genres. Maybe it's not by chance that the reading space is unconventional - the music of the Birštonas fountain is in the background, and it's late - the evening will gradually close the stage curtains, but everything is romantic, because it will be good to sit under the warm, open and, you have to believe, clear spring sky.
Poetry will be read by Jūratė Sučylaitė - poet, psychiatrist, poetry therapist-bibliotherapist, professor of Klaipėda University. This year, he published the historical novel "Imanuelis kelias" about the childhood of the philosopher I. Kant, his years of study, and the family's influence on the formation of moral views.
Poet, literary critic, translator, head of cultural publication "Nemunas". editor, hum. m. Dr. Erika Drungytė is a nominee of more than one literary prize, active and proactive in the activities of the Lithuanian Writers' Union. She writes words savoring their meanings, letting them spread, spicing up the texts with unexpected flavor nuances aptly and on the spot. Her words also have a smell - of homeland, nation, fields and meadows, erosion and sustainability.
Poet, writer, philosopher, hum. m. Dr. Aušra Kaziliūnaitė is liked and popular among readers of her contemporaries. The world of various colors and shades shines in the philosophical prism of her poems. This reflection is a reflection of a philosophical relationship with what life is and who I am in that life. There is no sea because it is always there. The poem is also the sea.
The young poet Alina Borzenkaitė, who grew up in the Vilnius region, tends to contrasts, combines the vocations of an artist, a heritage conservationist and a historian, so the images of countryside and urbanism, nature and concrete, history and modern realities are correlated in her work. The streets of Vilnius and industrial landscapes, the plains of Northern Lithuania are equally beautiful to her. Always looking for art everywhere.
Aistis Žekevičius - poet and translator - 2022 became the laureate of the Bat Prize, which was established by the association-publishing house Basilisk Embassy for translators. Although everyone knows Aistis as a poet, he writes poetry for his own pleasure, and the work of a translator is interesting and takes a lot of time. A. Žekevičius graduated from the history of culture and anthropology at the Vilnius University, master's degree in social and political criticism at the Vytautas the Great University. He likes to delve into new things, theories, authors. Science and art coexist beautifully in the daily life of his work.
LINAS DAUĖLA – poet, literary critic, photographer. "When I feel that some line will crack in my chest, I can't help but write it down. After taking notes, a feeling comes over you, which is difficult to describe, but that feeling encourages you to live and write", - this is how L. Daugėla talks about the nature of creativity.
We invite you to listen, to feel, to understand the world that is filled with the lyrics of this year's "Poetry Spring" guests, to hear them, listen and share the warmth of our fellowship.