In search of the totality of beauty

The cost of the event
209.00 - 252.00
Event date
2024-03-06 To 2024-03-07


Life is PERFECT when you learn to taste it with all your senses.

I invite you to do what we women are legally gifted by nature - ENJOY. We are free, enjoying ourselves, sexy and youthfully alive when we know everything not only about ourselves, but also about the people around us and the patterns of life. A two-day stay and psychological journey through the labyrinths of Greek gods and goddesses using your own and others' facial features as a tool for identification.

Will help:
- describe, analyze and understand many behavioral patterns and personality traits;
- find out what your facial features mean and how they are closely related to Greek goddesses, their characteristics;
- get to know your archetypes and understand that some features are encoded in facial features, which determine who you are and what scenarios prevail in your life;
- to better understand yourself, your behavior, why it is more difficult to communicate with some men, while with others you experience a sense of togetherness, how relationships with women are established and formed under the influence of one or another archetype;
- make sure that each archetype has positive and potentially negative qualities and learn what to do with all of them;
- by combining the knowledge of face reading and archetypes to understand what kind of personality is around you.

Life-changing lectures will not only give you the opportunity to look in the mirror again, but also to understand how to BE a creative, inspiring, successful, attractive woman in every way.
Since we are going to spend time in a unique space, we invite you to make the most of it and enjoy spa procedures with a goddess discount and admire yourself from the side through the lens of professional photographer Jūratė Stanaitė Photography.

Residence program:
Wednesday, March 6
11:00 - arrival
12:00 - lecture "Recognize the goddess in the mirror" (based on the face reading method and CG Jungian archetypes)
14:00 – coffee/tea break (lunch can be ordered in advance, not included)
15:00 - continuation of the lecture
17:00-20:00 free time in Ego SPA and pool and sauna area (in the adjacent building from 18:00), dressing up and preparing for dinner in the restaurant. The dress code is evening, sexy, emphasizing being a WOMAN.
20:00 - 3-course dinner at the Ego SPA restaurant with very feminine talks, recognition of goddess paintings and, of course, one more secret from life experience about BEING a woman.

March 7, Thursday
8:00-10:00 free time with access to Ego SPA and pool and sauna area (in the adjacent building - from 8:00 to 12:00)
10:00 – luxury breakfast at the Ego SPA restaurant
11:00 - lecture "Hero's features in your/man's face" (based on face reading method and CG Jung's archetypes)
13:00 – coffee/tea break (lunch can be ordered in advance, not included)
14:00 - continuation of the lecture
16:00 - the end of the event

Treat yourself to "Being a Woman"
252 Eur (for 1 person in a double room);
EUR 209 (for 2 persons in a double room).
The price includes 2 lectures, double room for the night with breakfast/visit to the pool and sauna area, 3-course dinner, 2 coffee and snack breaks during lectures, car parking.
Registration by transferring an advance of 100 EUR until February 18. (non-refundable if you do not participate, as we need to ensure the number of participants)
Registration: https:
The place is the Ego SPA hotel in Biršton.
Information: mobile. +370 683 54678 (Silvia) or e-mail Mr. [email protected]