DUO Simile Three Madrigals

free of charge
Event date
2023-11-04 17:00 To 18:00


"Duo Simile": Milda Kraujutaitytė (violin) and Silvija Čiuladytė (viola).

Concert program: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Duet for violin and viola in G major (K.423) Justina Repečkaitė, Brocade Bohuslav Martinů, Three Madrigals.

The duo of Milda Kraujutaitytė (violin) and Silvija Čiuladytė (viola) came together out of a desire to transfer their personal friendship to the professional stage. "Duo Simile" aims to present rarely heard works for violin and viola ensemble to the Lithuanian audience, to initiate the creation of new works for this genre and to share professional, stylistically informed music performance.

The idea behind this program is based on the Czech composer Bohuslav Martinů's "Three Madrigals" for violin and viola. This work is characterized by a unique musical language typical of 20th century composers - folk music motifs intertwined with modern musical language, as well as extremely high virtuosity of string instruments and the use of their capabilities. Since Martinů himself wrote this piece inspired by two WA Mozart duets (K.423-424), it seemed natural to include one of them in the program. To fully fill the program, a new - Lithuanian - piece by Justina Repečkaitė "Brocade" was ordered, which seems to extend this line of inspiration, combines classical, 20th century and contemporary music periods, and at the same time adds a new piece to the repertoire of this string ensemble.