City by the Sea movie

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2024-01-05 19:00 To 20:30


Manhattan police detective Vincent LaMarca (actor Robert de Niro) is assigned to find out the reasons for the death of a drug dealer named Picasso. The investigation of a seemingly simple case leads him to the small resort town of Long Beach, located in the ocean district of Long Island. It was there that not only the murdered boy was born and lived, but also Vincent himself. However, this place is associated with very bad memories for a solid aged policeman. First of all, it is the relationship with the father of an unstable psycho who kidnapped a baby from a rich family in the hope of receiving a ransom. However, the little girl died quite by accident, and the father of 8-year-old Vincent was recognized as the murderer and sentenced to death. Second, it's the strange and inexplicable decision to divorce his wife Maggie (played by Patti LuPone). 14 years ago, Vincent slammed the door and left home, leaving his son Joey to his fate. All this time, he avoided talking about his feelings and his past, even with his friendly partner Reg Duffy (actor George Dzundza) and the woman he loves Michelle (actor Frances McDormand). Vincent LaMarca had no idea that during the years he was trying to start a new life in New York, he would become a grandfather himself. His estranged son Joey (actor James Franco) and his girlfriend Gina (actor Eliza Dushku) had a boy, which the young man hardly cares about because he has much more important things to do. He is addicted to drugs, so he is constantly looking for money for another dose of the forbidden fruit. During one deal, Joey makes another fatal mistake and becomes the prime suspect in the murder of drug dealer Picasso

Venue: cinema hall (A building)