3x11 south of Birštonos

The cost of the event
7.00 - 12.00
Event date
2024-03-10 09:11 To 19:00


In order to have March 11 off, we will celebrate the day of state restoration the day before! In the Nemunas loop regional park south of the royal Birštonas!

The natural value of the Nemunas loop is unique even on a European scale. About the origin of loops, it is said that Nemunas, who was still quite young at the time, escaped from the captivity of King Ledo and, looking for a way to the sea, got lost in these vast forests and got stuck, got lost until he found his way home. These loops later confused non-local travelers as well, who managed to mark these loops on the map less than 200 years ago.

So let's wander together in these fantastic forests.
We offer 3 circular routes of 11 kilometers each. Each ring starts and ends at the same place in Siponii Madness. As you hike, you decide how far you will walk today.

First we will hike the green route, then the yellow route, and finally the red route.
What? - hiking
Where is the beginning? - at Dvaro st. 34, Siponii village, Birštonas sav. (54.51406 23.97471)
When? - start March 10, 9:11 am
What routes? – familiarization, group, circular (each time we cover 11 km we will return to the starting point), not marked in the area, not scouted in advance, friendly to socialized quiet pets
What is the distance? – 11 or 22 or 33 km.
How long will it take? - around 3, 6 or 9 o'clock depends on the chosen distance
What speed? – movement about 5 km/h, average (including stops) - about 4 km/h
How to arrive? - individually, you can find companions in the discussion
Food, snacks and water? - takeaways
When is the end? - around 7 p.m.
Where are the finishing touches? - maybe Seklytelė...
Routes? - we will publish it here
Complexity? – 5 points (out of 10) – forest and field roads, quarter lines, wildlife trails, hilly terrain, possible short sections of wetlands, swampy or spring-fed areas.
How to register? - by clicking "I will participate" and purchasing a ticket.

How to pay? -

How much? – 30 tickets at 7 euros each (15 of them you can get a 2 euro discount - code MINUS2) or 12 euros after distributing the cheapest tickets (20 of them you can get a 2 euro discount code 2MINUS).
Discounts? - 35 tickets with a 2 euro discount, we will issue a hiker's passport with a commemorative hike stamp indicating the number of kilometers covered to everyone who has finished the hike.

It is not allowed to participate in the hike while under the influence of alcohol (or other chemical substances)

You don't need special preparation for the hike, but it will be easier if you wear hiking or at least sturdy shoes and appropriate clothing for hiking.

Registration - by clicking "I will participate" or by purchasing a ticket, I register for this trip and at the same time confirm that I am aware that it may take place in wet and/or difficult areas, I confirm that my (and my accompanying minors') health the condition and well-being are good, I am responsible for my own safety during the hike and I do not make any claims to the organizers during the hike or after it.

For the purpose of informing the public, the hike will be filmed and/or photographed, so you may be seen in the photos or videos. Photos and/or videos may be published on the event organizers' websites, social networks, other media, and public exhibitions.