The longest and most extreme summer toboggan track in Lithuania has been opened in Birštona

2022/08/17 Business

Birštonas has something to surprise again, because from now on it will be possible to add summer sledding to the list of active resort activities.

On Wednesday, the longest toboggan run - even 600 meters long - in Lithuania was opened. The biggest challenge for entertainers is to overcome the ring of turns, located at a height of 10 meters. Investments in the project amount to about 500 thousand euros.

The author of the "Pramogų kalnas" track, businessman Domas Galbuogis, says that he matured and implemented the idea of the attraction in four years. "I used to have a roller rental business in Birštona and Druskininkai, and I noticed that not only people who want peace, but also active entertainment come to the resort. In Biršton, the site of the ski track near Vytautas mountain, which has not been used for several years, seemed to me very suitable and attractive for a summer sledding attraction, so I got excited about this idea and started to implement it. I think that the toboggan track will further activate the Birštonas resort and attract more young people and families with children," assures D. Galbuogis.

"Until now, we had the highest observation tower in Lithuania, the only mineral water evaporation tower, a 12-meter climbing tower was recently opened, and now we will also have the longest summer toboggan run. It's nice that new attractions are appearing in Biršton. This shows that the resort is alive, interesting and attractive to the local community, tourists and businesses," said Birštonas municipality mayor Nijolė Dirginčienė.

The length of the track is about 600 meters, and its biggest pride is the turning ring, located at a height of even 10 meters. It will be possible to reach a speed of up to 40 km/h when going down with a sled. It will be possible to adjust it for the entertainers themselves, so the attraction can be used by both the bravest, lovers of sharper sensations, as well as parents with children from 4 years old. The sleds are two-seater, safe, and the descent provides many positive emotions for both young and old.

A similar type of attraction is located in Anykščiai on Kalita mountain, installed a decade ago. However, the Birštonas toboggan track is more automated, and more modern technologies were used in its construction. The summer sled equipment was purchased from the German company Josef Wiegand GmbH & Co. KG", which has many years of experience in manufacturing and installing this type of attractions all over the world. Investments in the project amount to about 500 thousand euros.

About 20 tons of metal were used for the construction, with 640 special earth nails driven into the ground. The weight of all supporting structures is about 18 tons, and a total of 61.9 tons of materials arrived from Germany to Lithuania. The track was built in 2.5 months by a team of 6 people, two of whom were engineers from Germany.

The summer toboggan run is located in the natural surroundings, where a great panorama of Birštonos opens from the top of the mountain. Since the Birštonas resort is located in a convenient location, not far from the big cities of Lithuania, this attraction can be reached quickly and comfortably without big and advance plans for the trip. Address of the sledding track: Vytauto kalnas, N. Silvanavičiaus st. 4, Birštonas (former ski track). Car parking is provided in parking lots on N. Silvanavičiaus street and near the petanque court on B. Sruoga street.

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