Stained glass "Lithuania"

stained glass

Vytautas Švarlis' colorful multi-figure stained glass window "Lithuania" (1980), created for the Birštonas Culture Center. This stained glass window is registered in the register of cultural values ​​(unique code 15340). The work is embedded in a trapezoidal window cavity of 142 square meters in the rear wall of the Palace of Culture, which occupies the entire space of the lobby. The amber colored multi-figure thin glass window is impressive with its artistic decorative composition, human figures interspersed in the white planes. There is an interaction between statics and dynamics, images and reality. Various story scenes depicting historical moments, cultural, scientific, and artistic achievements acquire symbolic meaning."

Literature: Petrovskaja, J. and others. 2014. VYTAUTAS ŠVARLYS Stained glass. Standard printing house. Vilnius

Stained glass "Lietuva" was reconstructed in 2001.
The stained-glass window is registered in the register of cultural values, unique code 15340.