St. Stained glass windows of the Church of St. Anthony of Padua

stained glass / church

The works of Vytautas Švarlis can be found in the church of St. Antanas Paduvietis.

Renata Kilinskaitė writes in the "Architecture and Urbanism Research Archive" that: "XX century. in the 1980s, the decor of the church was supplemented by stained glass windows by V. Švarlis and A. Giedrim, which depict the baptism of Lithuania and St. 500 years since Casimir's death. anniversary, LDK princes Vytautas and Mindaugas, various saints."

Vytautas Švarlys himself says during an interview with "Naujojo Gėlupis" that: "It's always fun to come to Birštonas because here is part of my life, here I touched the sacred space, here are my first works in the church. I performed them at the request of priest Marijonas Petkevičius, who worked here at the time. I created a stained glass project, and the priest liked it and approved it. These were the first church works", recalls V. Švarlys. Read the entire interview: