Sculpture trail

sculptures / audio guide

Sports (strength), cycling, recreation and sculpture trails meander in Birštonas Central Park.

The sculpture trail is probably the quietest place in the park. It is decorated with eight sculptures by contemporary Lithuanian artists, the favorite of Birštonas - "Girl", created by the same Martynas Gaubas, whose bright yellow self-portrait (officially - the sculpture "Container") is visible from afar, traveling on the Nemunas embankment, near the Summer Stage.

By the way, did you know that as many as a hundred sculptures can be found in Birštonas? They are not only meant to decorate the city, but also serve as aesthetotherapy, in other words, a treatment for beauty. Indeed, scientists have already confirmed that admiring nature and works of art (in Birštonas it is possible at the same time) helps health. So don’t rush to get out as soon as you look around. Sit on a bench, think about which sculpture is closest to you, what thoughts are causing you, look at the trees around you and be sure to look up at the sky. Some claim that the sculptures lead to childhood tales, others admire the modernity of the works, and others even see irony. By the way, the mysterious "Sources of Life" forged by Stasys Žirgulis from stone and metal fascinate guests from the Far East for some reason.

If you decide to sit on a bench and flip through a book while walking, you can find many of them in the outdoor reading room: from classic works to Soviet writings or even love novels. With quiet stops, you won’t really get tired even after crossing the entire 700 m long trail.