Šaltinėnai mound


The mound is surrounded on both sides by deep sometimes moist ditches. The area was flooded with long-term plows, excavated with pits, injured by other earthworks, and is currently overgrown with conifers and shrubs, which are thinning at the top of the atragio. In the end. At its end, a 0.5 m high, 11 m wide embankment was built. The slopes are steep, 12 m high. Part P of the site was covered by a pit. The mound is in a pine forest. There is a pit at the end of the site, and in the northern part, at the embankment, a 5x4-sized earth displacement that hides the ditch. The slopes are steep, from 9 m to 12 m high, overgrown with trees and bushes. 1971 the mound was explored by the institute of history. 2016 the mound began to be tidied up, the bushes cut down. A board with the name of the mound was built next to it.

The mound dates back to the 1st thousand.

People say ... Once upon a time, people had crossed the road through the mound, which was more convenient and closer to the market on the Nemunas side in Jiezna, and the resort was within easy reach. During the winter, it was a gathering place for young people. All of them had darkened the sleds they had, and were riding down the hill, and those who did not have sledges were squealing. The worst was when it was very melting, then it was difficult to get to the market because the road was wet and impassable, the children were left without sugar.

It can be reached on the Nemajūnai – Siponiai road at the beginning of Šaltinėnai, turning right after the forest (ŠR), 400 m to the homestead (located to the NE from it).

Literature: Milušauskienė Ramutė. 2017. Mounds in the Nemunas Loops Regional Park. Kaunas

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