Jundeliškės manor


Jundeliškės (Ustronė) manor
The only one of the many manors of Paverknė that has survived to this day. 16th century At the end of the 19th century, a palivarka was formed in this place, the owners of which were constantly changing. 1627 the manor belonged to the nobles of Hungarian origin, the Prešov, who ruled it for almost a hundred years. 19th century The Moravskis family became the owners of Paverkniai (Jundeliškės) manor.

The humanist, writer and physician Stanislovas Moravskis (1802-1853) left a clearer mark here. He grew up in this mansion and later, at the age of 36, returned and chose the life of a hermit to spend the last 15 years of his life. At that time, S. Moravskis not only wrote, was interested in medicinal plants, but also cherished the park planted next to the manor with rare introduced plants.

S. Moravskis was the first to bring and distribute dahlias to Lithuania, decorating almost every homestead today.