The street in Birštonas was impressively opened, the strip was "cut" in the air

2022/06/09 Birštonas

Today Birštonas starts a four-day city marathon. It was marked by the opening ceremony of the reconstructed central Youth Street. The symbols of the Lithuanian Hot Air Balloon Championship "cut" a symbolic strip, even 15 m long and 40 cm wide in the air. Vintage cars and sports walkers also moved along the new street.

The 30th Lithuanian Hot Air Balloon Championship is taking place on June 9-12. Hot air balloons have long been a symbol of the city of Birštonas, so it is no coincidence that they have opened the main street of the city. The symbolic 15 m long ribbon with a hot air balloon burner was “cut” by the pilots of the Lithuanian Hot Air Balloon Championship.

Street contractors, employees of the Municipal Administration, Birštonas community, guests from abroad and Lithuania took part in the opening. A column of vintage cars passed through the new street, it was tested by sports walkers and participants of the festival.

The central city street and its infrastructure after reconstruction have become fully adapted to residents and tourists. There are additional parking spaces, a new bike and footpath, and modern street and footpath lighting. The street has also been adapted for people with disabilities, and the transport conditions of Birštonas residents have been improved.

Birštonas city festival program: