Jonas Basanavičius' 170th birthday is commemorated

2021/11/22 News

Although Dr. Jonas Basanavičius worked in Bulgarian resorts, he can reasonably be considered the first Lithuanian spa therapist. Dr. Vytautas Jurgis The Bear.

This year, November 23 is special - we are commemorating the 170th anniversary of the birth of the nation's patriarch Jonas Basanavičius.
In honor of the 170th anniversary of Jonas Basanavičius' birth, the virtual exhibition “Our Basanavičius” prepared in 2016 was renewed and supplemented. It introduces the significant activities of the doctor in the resort of Varna, Bulgaria, his merits in spa medicine and reveals the presence of the creator of our state, the patriarch of the Lithuanian nation in Birštonas.

More information on the website of Birštonas Public Library.

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