Birštonas is expanding: a hotel and spa complex for adults, which has no analogues in Lithuania, is officially opening

2021/09/30 Press release

Birštonas continues to increase the supply of accommodation and spa services. Today, the resort will host the official opening of the hotel and spa complex Vytautas Ego SPA. The business group Vytautas SPA has invested LTL 8 million in the object. euros.

“New, exclusive objects providing accommodation and spa services grow and enrich Birštonas resort. Our vision is a bustling, diverse, modern resort, where tourists can find not only beautiful nature all year round, but also the highest level of services and entertainment, ”says Birštonas Mayor Nijolė Dirginčienė.

The new complex consists of a hotel, a spa area for original therapies and procedures, a conference hall, a fine dining restaurant "Kitsch" and a hyperbaric oxygen therapy center "Vytautas Oxygen SPA".

"We aim not to establish ourselves in the existing business sphere, but to create a new niche. Therefore, we have created an exclusive and non-standard hotel and SPA complex, which accepts only adults (N-21), - says Vytas Brusokas, the head of the Vytautas SPA business group. "Such a combination of interior, architecture and orientation in Lithuania is a novelty that has no analogues."

Interior architect Viktorija Puodžiūtė created a bright and colorful interior with the team. The Art Deco lines of the early 20th century, which dominate the interior of the hotel, intertwine with the ideas of the postmodernist Memphis group.

“The task of the customers sounded like a dream to us. They said: "Do what you want!" - remembers V. Puodžiūtė. - We were not afraid to jump out. I wanted to create different, inspiring and relaxing spaces. The kind where people would feel able to drown and fool around. The result is a world of contrasts reminiscent of a vivid dream. People say it's a dream you want to go back to. "

In the complex's fine dining restaurant "Kitsch", the author's menu is created by a team led by Lithuanian-renowned chef Darius Dabrovolskas and assistant chef Erikas Janerikas, who won a bronze medal at the International Young Chefs Challenge in China. They and the team combine modern gastronomy with classic kitchen solutions, thus creating new unexpected tastes.

"We are kitsch in the good sense of the word," restaurant manager Žilvinas Byčius describes Kitsch. - What is incompatible is inseparable from us. What is illogical is inevitable in our restaurant. We are in a small Birštonas, but our ambitions and commitments to our guests are not inferior to the best restaurants in the country. Already today we are worthy of the best radar. We will grow to the prestigious Michelin star. "

The Vytautas Oxygen SPA Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Center has the only ten-seat hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber of its kind in the Baltic States. This camera is an airtight room. It breathes guests with sealed face masks through a closed-loop oxygen supply system

pure medical oxygen. The air in the barometer is compressed to a pressure of 2.5 atmospheres, which is equal to the pressure at a depth of 10 meters underwater.

"Such sessions saturate the body with maximum oxygen. It helps in the treatment of more than 30 different diseases and injuries, - says Mantas Jurkonis, the head of Vytautas SPA medical center. - Sessions regenerate, improve well-being and slow down the aging clock. Dive! Invest in your health today. ”

1983 At the beginning of the 19th century, the legendary duo of architects Aušra and Romualdas Šilinskas started building a water and mud spa in Birštonas. But over the years, the building turned into ruins. In 2013, the idea was reborn as one of the largest Lithuanian reconstruction projects of Lithuania's independence. This is 2016 Vytautas Mineral SPA, the only active mineral spa house in the Baltic States, has opened its doors. 20 million was invested in them. euros.

These and other investments began to shape the new face of the resort and increase tourist flows. Birštonas, which continues to change, is open to modern recreation and spa services. In the near future, the Vytautas SPA business group will invest in the Birštonas holiday home quarter, beauty clinics, water amusement park and other real estate objects.