XXIV Lithuanian Puppet Theater Festival "Molinuko Theater"

free of charge
Event date
2022-11-12 11:00 To 16:45


Opening of the festival at 11:00
11:15 a.m. Children's theater group of the Dotnuva branch of the Academy's cultural center. "Ladybug Liputė. A tale about home" Authors I. Bumblauskienė, I. Zalepugaitė. Director - D. Špokienė
11:45 Suburban branch of the Rokiškis Cultural Center in Bajorai. Puppet Theater ČIZ. "Tales as harrows" by N. Knečiūnaitė - Čirūnienė. Director - N. Knečiūnaitė - Čirūnienė
12:15-13:15 break
13:15 Klaipėda Sendvaris pro-gymnasium. Puppet theater studio "Smile". "Glove" - based on Ukrainian fairy tales. Director - A. Januškienė
14:00 Klaipėda city Teacher Education and Culture Center. Creative group of pre-school teachers "Sharkos". "Rain Tango" Based on the song of the same name by L. Remeikienė. Directors: R. Poškienė and D. Volkovaitė
14:45 "Enden-dyno" theater studio of Klaipėda nursery school "Puriena". "Apple Stories" Based on the book "Apple Tales" by VV Landsberg. The director is Dagna Volkovaitė
15:20 Yard Puppet Theater. Island ethnoculture and information center. Usėnai Eldership. "Lipnikėlis" Lithuanian fairy tale. Director - J. Daugaliene
16:15 Utena Cultural Center children and youth puppet theater "Skruzdėlytė". "Earth is the daughter of the sky" staged by R. Katinaitė - Lumpickienė based on the motives of the fairy tale "Why the Sun shines during the day and the Moon at night". Director - J. Baldauskienė
Closing of the festival at 16:45