Virginija Užusenytė's exhibition "Pa-Observations"

free of charge
Event date
2023-07-28 To 2023-09-11


Virginija Užusenytė is a native of Kaunas, a graduate of the Department of Ceramics of the Vilnius Academy of Arts (1986), a member of LDS, author of artistic ceramics for various purposes, who created sculptures, dishes, interior elements, outdoor ceramics. Ceramic objects are presented in this exhibition. All of them are connected by the author's attention to one topic - that is, the existence of an artificially modified plant. These are conceptual objects created through careful observation of nature, and more specifically, delving into plants and seeds.
The artist is not so much interested in the beauty of natural forms, but in deep life processes, the dynamics of plant development and change. The artist is concerned with the controversial results of the invasions of nature. Her works remind us of what can happen to nature's plans when humans aggressively intervene.
What makes modern ceramic art interesting and valuable is the ability to combine an idea with knowledge of craft and technology in a clay creation. In Virginija Užusenytė's work, both of these parts are equally important, both are mastered. The artist's idea about the processes of plant change is expressed by rough surfaces, sinister textures, fascinating shades of glazes, and fluid spills of liquid glass, obtained at high temperatures. Mysterious ceramic transformation processes take place in the kiln, and the experimenter and "programmer" of all processes is the artist Virginija Užusenytė, who, thanks to years of practice and accumulated experience, predicts the results of the dance of clay and heat, and creates very original works. Dr. Rasa Žukienė, art researcher.